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Remixing (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ri-mix-in/

Also spelled: Remixin’

Related: Remix, Remixin’, Remixed

What does Remixing mean?

1. To be changing or modifying a previously released song.

2. To be changing or modifying something.

Remixing Synonyms: Reworking, Remixin’

Example sentence: “What song were you just remixing? i’ve heard it before.”

Remixing in songs:

“They don’t want me remixing their song, I Shawty Lo that That use to hit up bankhead with them zones and shawty know that” – Young Jeezy, No Pressure.

“You came up remixing my bars, prick, not the other way around You can’t run out of bars, just like Chip you can’t run out of bars” – Chip, 10 Commandments.

“These niggas, they wishing they knew ya They coppin’ the Truey, remixing the Louie” – Takeoff, Versace.

“My nigga we flipping that work, we juug and remixing that work Lil’ bitty bitch wanna flirt, this lil’ bitty bitch wanna flirt” – 21 Savage, Skrrt Skrrt.

“Seventy-five a line my nigga this that mud (Now that’s that act) Remixing with the karo I can’t show no love” – Maxo Kream, Karo.

“My niggas in ‘Rovas, my nigga be remixing Coca My nigga got eggbeater spatula, my niggas, they play with the soda” – Quavo, Serve On.

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