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Juug (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /juug/

Also spelled: Jugg, Joog, Juug

Plural: Juugs

Related: Juugin’, Juuged

What does Juug mean?

1. To steal or take something from someone.

Juug Synonyms: Finesse, Rob, Jack, Steal, Jux, Hit a lick

2. To make things happen.

3. A robbery or illegal way of making money.

Juug Synonyms: Lick

Example sentence: “There was a juug down the street last night.”

Juug in songs:

“Bought my momma’s first house with the juug money” – 2 Chainz, PROUD.

“These niggas they know I’m berserk, I keep it up under my shirt My nigga we flipping that work, we juug and remixing that work” – 21 Savage, Skrrt Skrrt.

“I just made a juug of my iPhone (Skrrrt!) I just fucked your bitch, made her walk home (Skrrrt!)” – Speaker Knockerz, Count Up.

.40 in my pants, that bitch thought it was a boner If I go broke, I’ma juug off Motorolas” – Juice Wrld, Yacht Club.

“Alley to my nigga, getting money out the six Street Money Nino got a hundred in the six Ain’t no gas I’ma juug this mid Pint coming in, I’ma lean like this” – Strap, Walked In.

“Way before the fame I had a bale on me Twenty thousand off a juug, ain’t got a scale on me” – Future, Real Sisters.

“Just made a juug (just made a juug) I got bands everywhere (bands)” – 2 Chainz, Birthday Song.

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