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Nicca (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /nik-kah/

Also spelled or known as: Nikka

Related: Nig, N-Word, Nigger, Nicca

Plural: Niccas

What does Nicca mean?

Nigga; a term of endearment from one black man to another black man, similar to saying homie, broski, gang.

Nicca Synonyms: Nig, Nigga

Example sentence:Nicca are you still playing this game?”

Nicca in songs:

“Slash the first to ride, you ain’t never heard of fly Have you mourning, nicca my G’s is certified” – J.R. Writer, Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 Freestyle.

“This for my nicca on the third…for my homeboyz yok (khadifi) and ‘Pac” – Yukmouth, Still Ballin.

Deep boys deep in the flame know it ain’t nothing but the bling bling king Certified of made man me and the j.r so kiss a nicca pinky ring” – Birdman, ’93 ’94 Baby.

I’m one of the best you one of the worst Gun on your chest blood on your shirt Son it’s berserk, nicca” – Sean Price, Monkey Barz.

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