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Collabed (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /kol-labd/

Related: Collab, Collabing, Collabs, Collabo

What does Collabed mean?

To have worked in partnership with someone else or a team.

Collabed Synonyms: Collab

Example sentence:Yeah I just met him last week, we collabed in the stu.”

Collabed in songs:

Been a minute since I last collabed Still, putting tracks in the casket” – CJ Trillo, Plus Signs.

I’m high, buzzing off blueberry frost buds Cause that’s the way I collect, and gather my thoughts up And I know, you all think I signed with the Boss but I collabed with him again, just to get me some boss bucks” – Chris Ward, The Watcher.

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