Go off

Go off (phrase)

Type: verb, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /go-off/

Also spelled or known as: Go-off

What does Go off mean?

To rant or go crazy.

Go off Synonyms: Snap

Example sentence: “Okay, i see you in the booth cuzzo, go off then.”

Go off in songs:

“If the gun squad hearin’ all the shots go off, It’s 50, they say it’s 50″ – 50 Cent, Patiently Waiting.

“From the A to Toronto, we let the metal go off and my dick so hard it make the metal detector go off” – 2Chainz, All Me.

“You can’t go off of a hearsay, I know that look on your face” – Travis Scott, first take.

“All I know is payback, all I rep is A$AP, Now we finna go off in the buildin'” – A$AP Rocky, Electric Body.

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Go off
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Go off

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