Rager (slang)

Type: adjective, noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rae-jer/

Related: Rage

Plural: Ragers

What does Rager mean?

1. A crazy party.

Rager Synonyms: Function, Event

2. Someone who likes to rage and go crazy.

Example sentence: “The squad threw a rager last year.”

Rager in songs:

Ragercuz I mosh pit and this “a” stands for “anarchist”” – Machine Gun Kelly, Hold On (Shut Up).

Yeah, she’s in love with a rager” – Lil Uzi Vert, Slayerr.

“The world know what it be: Mr. Rager, Solo Dolo, C.U.D., repeat it” – Kid Cudi, Solo Dolo Part II.

“Them gang-type girls, pass at the rager, see swipe girls” – Meechy Darko, The Goddess.

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