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Solo dolo

Solo dolo (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /so-low-doh-low/

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What does Solo dolo mean?

To be or do something alone.

Solo dolo Synonyms: Solo, Lonesome

Example sentence: “I chiefed the blunt solo dolo.”

Solo dolo in songs:

So if you see me solo dolo, you know what that mean” – Travis Scott, ​way back.

Rollinsolo dolo, this a trip, trip, trip, trip” – Buddy, Status Symbol 3.

“I be solo dolo, when you see me blowing on some weed” – Chip Tha Ripper, 5 Bucks (5 On It).

Solo dolo, they can’t see me” – Dizzy Wright, Step Yo Game Up.

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Solo dolo
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Solo dolo