Rage (slang) Type: adjective, verb, slang Pronunciation: /ray-age/ Related: Rager Plural: Rages What does Rage mean? 1. To party. 2. Extreme anger. Example sentence: “I was filled with rage when i hopped out.” Rage in songs: “Yeah, you claim you rage, you hating like you live in Oakland” – A$AP Rocky, LVL. “I seek the […]


Rager (slang) Type: adjective, noun, slang Pronunciation: /rae-jer/ Related: Rage Plural: Ragers What does Rager mean? 1. A crazy party. Rager Synonyms: Function, Event 2. Someone who likes to rage and go crazy. Example sentence: “The squad threw a rager last year.” Rager in songs: “Rager ‘cuz I mosh pit and this “a” stands for “anarchist”” […]