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Preggo (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /preg-go/

What does Preggo mean?

1. A woman who is pregnant.

2. To be pregnant.

Example sentence: “My wife is preggo so i gotta take care of her.”

Preggo in songs:

“Hey but I end up moving back in Oh my momma, now she preggo with a set of twins” – Ace Hood, Letter to My Ex’s.

Ho said she on Depo She cannot get preggo” – SahBabii, Giraffes & Elephants.

“He would dance, work out and fight yoass at the park, And he got two sisters preggo He fucked the other one to get one jeal-o” – A$AP Ferg, Psycho.

“She capped on my name, she not preggo Used me for garments and pesos” – Ciggy Blacc, Suicide.

“I got the sauce and now shorties keep claimin’ preggo Wakin’ up at 6 PM like, “Where does the day go?”” – Drake, Diplomatic Immunity.

“Sippin’ on Fuego, fucked up my G-Fazos Twist like a Faygo, these bitches is preggo” – Swae Lee, Dance Like No One’s Watching.

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