Pop yo collar

Pop yo collar (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pop-yo-kall-er/

Also spelled or known as: Pop your collar

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What does Pop yo collar mean?

To flip your collar up like a boss; act like a boss.

Pop yo collar Synonyms: Pop your collar, Boss up

Example sentence: “Just walk in the club and pop yo collar.”

Pop yo collar in songs:

“See me nigga say wats up Wanta be me nigga dats wats up Bout yo dollar, pop yo collar den u holla dats wats up” – Yo Gotti, What Up.

Yo’ collar, pop yo’ collar Pop yo’ collar, pop yo’ collar” – Proof, Gurls Wit Da Boom.

“More carats than a bunny rabbit Pop yo’ collar one time if you got a weed habit” – E-40, Get Breaded.

“We love to be high, so pop yo collar, let it go ‘Cause this crest creep shit is gettin’ sold like blow” – Jamar, Crest Creepers.

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Pop yo collar
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Pop yo collar