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Sisters (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sis-tahs/

Also spelled or known as: Sistas

Singular: Sister

Related: Sis

What does Sisters mean?

Black women who are good friends and treat you like family.

Sisters Synonyms: Sistas

Example sentence: “There are a lot of sisters at my church.”

Sisters in songs:

“We raised by our mamas, Lord, we gotta heal We hurting our sisters, the babies as well We killing our brothers, they poisoned the well Distorted self-image, we set up to fail” – J. Cole, MIDDLE CHILD.

One time for my L.A. sisters One time for my L.A. ho Lame niggas can’t tell the difference One time for a nigga who know” – J. Cole, No Role Modelz.

“I give a holla to my sisters on welfare 2Pac cares if don’t nobody else care” – 2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up.

“He knew that because he saw that, Because he was stripped and torn down By his black brothers and sisters that were uneducated And that did not know And he was stripped and he was torn down” – Logic, Take It Back.

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