Drop science

Drop science (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /drawp-sy-ens/

Also spelled or known as: Drop-science

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What does Drop science mean?

To educate or teach.

Drop science Synonyms: Drop knowledge

Example sentence:Don’t make me drop science on you.”

Drop science in songs:

Break, you’re broke, he got up and forgot I drop science and put his neck in a knot” – ​The D.O.C., Lend Me An Ear.

“Some drop science, well, I’m droppin’ English Even if Yella makes it a cappella” – Dr. Dre, Express Yourself.

“I drop science like Cosby dropping babies Enough to make a nigga go crazy” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Brooklyn Zoo.

“A lot of niggas drop science, but they don’t know the math Because their mind is narrower than the righteous path” – Immortal Technique, Caught in the Hustle.

“The man with the beats And the man holding heat I drop bombs like I drop science” – JPEGMAFIA, drake era.

“Some drop science, I’m droppin’ English Even if Tyler named the song “Flower”” – Lil Wayne, Droppin’ Seeds.

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Drop science
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Drop science