Fazos (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /phase-o’s/

Also spelled: Fazo’s

Related: G Fazos

What does Fazos mean?

Nike Air Force 1’s shoes.

Fazos Synonyms: G Fazos, Kicks, Sneaks

Coined by: G-Herbo

Example sentence: “I got some new fazos for the video.”

Fazos in songs:

Capital G Fazos, Nike need me on the payroll” – G Herbo, Honestly/

Don’t step on my Fazos, two dot-dots, no ratio” – PS Hitsquad, Voice of The Streets Freestyle.

“Better not step on my Fazos, or I’ll shing man up in the party” – P.S., Ginnals.

Dippin’ through the city with my all white Fazos” – Maccy, Walk Em Down.

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