Pop your collar

Pop your collar (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pop-ur-kall-er/

Also spelled or known as: Pop yo collar

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What does Pop your collar mean?

To flip your collar up like a boss; act like a boss.

Pop your collar Synonyms: Pop your collar, Boss up

Example sentence: “When you walk in pop your collar.”

Pop your collar in songs:

Work that camera mama, rip that runway baby Now pop your collar, see them dollar signs is why they hate me” – Malice, All Eyes on Me.

“Entertainer, worst man a real toppa toppa Do wha’?, pop your collar, no bother holla” – Beenie Man, Fresh from Yard.

Nigga, pop your collar like the bosses, Nigga, flip your dollars like the bosses” – 21 Savage, Still Serving.

“Big like Chris Wallace, fly like weed parlors Sig on my lap, we’ll pop your collar” – Jay Rock, 112 Bars.

Nigga do you need a stylist ‘Cause we’ll come pop your collar” – Kodak Black, Now Time.

“Now my buddy so gone I can pop your collar Now If I don’t say nothin, let me see you swallow” – Havoc, Outta Control (Remix).

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Pop your collar
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Pop your collar