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Popping collars

Popping collars (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pop-in-collars/

Also spelled or known as: Poppin’ collars, Popping-collars

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What does Popping collars mean?

1. To be acting or moving like a boss.

Popping collars Synonyms: Bossed up

2. To be showing off.

Popping collars Synonyms: Flamboasting, Flexing, Flossing, Bragging, Stunting

Example sentence: “We were in the club popping collars.”

Popping collars in songs:

“The only thing that could bend ya man is the dollar, pause They at your neck when you’re popping collars” – Stro, Cheese.

Ho its hard out here for the DEST, but we don’t stress Popping collars, popping bands, with the DEST on my chest” – Cream, Desto’s Don’t Stress Hoes.

“Made a million dollars I’m amazing They was popping collars I was patient That’s a massive foul nigga flagrant” – Young Thug, Texas Love.

“Blockers, knockers, now we park Impalas, hop out popping collars” – King Los, Finally Here.

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Popping collars
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Popping collars