Peen (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /peen/

Plural: Peens

What does Peen mean?

A penis.

Peen Synonyms: D, Dick, Dong, Jock, Willy, Tip, Pipe, Cock, Chode, Wiener, Jimbrowski, Wood, Jammy, Schlong, Wang, Shlong, Dino, Knob

Example sentence: “Get off my peen hater.”

Peen in songs:

“I sling peen like a lasso That mean king save the queen from the castle” – JID, 1993.

“I serve her peen like a subpeon’, like a subpeona” – Smino, BAM 2x.

“All these girls be raunchy, like let me see your peen homie” – Theophilus London, Big Spender.

Peen getting groomed, bitches ’bout to eat that” – Lil Dicky, Classic Male Pregame.

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