Outta pocket


Outta pocket (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /out-tah-paw-ket/

Also spelled or known as: Outta-pocket, Out of pocket, Out-of-pocket

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What does Outta pocket mean?

To say unacceptable things or behave in an unacceptable way.

Outta pocket Synonyms: Out of pocket, Out of line

Example sentence: “The coach was outta pocket when he told the kids mama he sucked.”

Outta pocket in songs:

“If you a pimp why ya hoes stay outta pocket?” – 50 Cent, Like My Style.

“But if you catch me outta pocket, then I’m got” – 2Pac, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…`

“I’m gonsmash her she so outta pocket” – Future, Photo Copied.

“I been outta pocket, I had to get right” – Tory Lanez, Friends Become Strangers.

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