Out of line

Out of line (phrase)

Type: phrase

Pronunciation: /out-of-line/

Also spelled or known as: Out-of-line, Outta line

What does Out of line mean?

To say unacceptable things or behave in an unacceptable way.

Out of line Synonyms: Outta line, Out of Pocket

Example sentence: “The boys be talking out of line so they got hit.”

Out of line in songs:

“Stay in a child’s place, kid, you out of line” – Havoc, Shook Ones Part II.

“If any fuck nigga get out of line” – Travis Scott, ​coordinate.

“There I go again, steppinout of line, runnin’ off course” – Joey Bada$$, Waves.

“And if you gettin’ out of line, I hang you with a clothin’ line” – Lil Wayne, Let It Fly.

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Out of line
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Out of line