Opened (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /o-pooned/

Related: Open, Opening, Opening act

What does Opened mean?

To have started the show or performed first at a concert or festival.

Example sentence: “He opened for him before, now he’s bigger.”

Opened in songs:

“You bitches opened your legs, I went and opened for Chance” – Nadia Nakai, Imma Boss.

“The other day, me ‘n XP opened for Souls of Mischief I’m like “Yo, let’s get on some angry MC showmanship and hitem”” – Macklemore, Contradiction.

“Thanks to L’Amours in Brooklyn accepting my fake ID Opened for Sepultura there when I was only 17″ – ILL BILL, Acceptance Speech.

I’m out and on tour with the greatest, A Tribe Called Quest And the De La’s, opened for Jay Z and Nas, who else could say this?” – Talib Kweli, Rare Portraits.

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