Open Mic


Open Mic (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /opin-mike/

Also spelled or known as: Open-Mic

Plural: Open Mics

Related: Mic

What does Open Mic mean?

A public event where a mic is provided to an artist or poet to perform.

Open Mic Synonyms: Karaoke

Example sentence: “I’ma be at the open mic tonight.”

Open Mic in songs:

“Went from open mic to performing in the stadiums” – Young Thug, Dead On.

“I still miss being a senior and performing at all those open mic events” – Chance the Rapper, Acid Rain.

“Worst rapper to ever spit on an open mic” – Childish Gambino, ​yaphet kotto (freestyle).

“I couldn’t afford to get my girl into this open mic that I performed for” – Mick Jenkins, Drink More.

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