One time for


One time for (phrase)

Type: noun, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /one-time-for/

Also known or spelled as: 1 time for

What does One time for mean?

A phrase said when acknowledging someone or something with respect or thanks.

One time for Synonyms: Shout out, shout-out, S/O, Props, Creds

Example sentence:One time for all my ladies in the mid row, i see yall vibing.”

One time for in songs:

One time for a nigga really gettin’ it, Two times cause we got the whole city lit” – Kanye West, Highlights.

One time for my freak bitches” – JT, Twerkulator.

One time for my L.A. sisters, One time for my L.A. hoes” – J. Cole, No Role Modelz.

One time for them pussy niggas, that’s that shit I don’t like” – Lil Wayne, Rich As Fuck.

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One time for
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