Props (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /prawps/

What does Props mean?

1. Accolades and respect; proper respect.

Props Synonyms: Creds, Shoutout

2. Guns.

Props Synonyms: Tools, Dracos, Tools, Yoppas, Choppas, Glizzies, Sticks, Straps, Toolies, Rods, Poles

Example sentence: “Give the OG’s their props.”

Props in songs:

Props I own the most, I’m leavin’ niggas comatose” – Big L, 7 Minute Freestyle.

“But these mothafuckas better give me my props, word to Pac” – A$AP Rocky, Multiply.

“I’ll prob’ly never get the props I feel I ever deserve” – Eminem, ’Till I Collapse.

“I know you just a puppet, but I’m givin’ you props” – Ab-Soul, Terrorist Threats.

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