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Percocets (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /per-coe-sets/

Singular: Percocet

Related: Percs

What does Percocets mean?

Prescription drugs used to treat pain.

Percocets Synonyms: Percs, 30’s, Bananas, Buttons, Ercs, Kickers

Example sentence: “He got time for selling fake percocets.”

Percocets in songs:

“He mixing the syrup with the Percocets She perfect and she got perky breasts” – Gucci Mane, Good Drank.

Shawty on percocets in the bag, Got a Rollie and a Pateky in my bag” – Young Thug, We Ball.

“She sucked out my soul, it’s makin’ me weak (Woo) I’ve been on Percocets for the last week” – Offset, No Complaints.

“What you thought it was? I just popped five Percocets and only caught a buzz” – Lil Wayne, No Problem.

“Look at me, I’m the man Percocets, don’t do Xans, boo” – Juice WRLD, 1400 / 999 Freestyle.

“These Styrofoams with me legitimate I’m proudly downing these Percocets” – Future, 3500.

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