Mulsanne (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mul-sane/

What does Mulsanne mean?

A luxury car made by Bentley.

Example sentence: “There was a mulsanne parked outside the studio.”

Mulsanne in songs:

“Ran up the money had to put it in the safe I swear its hard to chose mulsanne or the wraith” – YFN Lucci, Documentary.

“I see you acting strange, I can tell this ain’t love That brand new Mulsanne, had to get it out the mud” – Future, Purple Reign.

“Drug dealers in the Mulsanne, at the top of the food chain” – Offset, Ghostface Killers.

Solo with Mulsanne, it’s not the same specs” – Travis Scott, NC-17.

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