Out the mud


Out the mud (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /out-the-mud/

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What does Out the mud mean?

To come out of the bottom and poverty to now make it to the top and become.

Out the mud Synonyms: Off the strength, From the bottom

Example sentence: “We was so broke but we got it out the mud.”

Out the mud in songs:

“Got it out the mud, there’s nothin’ you can tell me, yeah” – Roddy Ricch, The Box.

“That brand new Mulsanne had to get it out the mud” – Future, Purple Reign.

“OT, I found me a plug, I got it straight out the mud” – O.T. Genasis, Cut It.

“You got it out the mud I got it out the oil” – Quavo, Cocoon.

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Out the mud
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