Mixtape (music)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mix-tape/

Also spelled or known as: Mix-tape, Mix tape

Plural: Mixtapes

What does Mixtape mean?

A collection of songs featuring original or unoriginal/remixed songs released for free.

Mixtape Synonyms: Tape

Similar to Mixtape: Project, Album

Example sentence: “No Ceilings is one crazy mixtape by Lil Wayne.”

Mixtape in songs:

“Black and white music? Now, nigga, that’s a mixtape” – Childish Gambino, Bonfire.

“Dropped the mixtape, that shit sounded like an album” – Drake, Forever.

“Bag full of drag and a Nicki Minaj mixtape” – Tyler, The Creator, Martians vs. Goblins.

“Your baby daddy mixtape wasn’t shit, he a bitch” – 6ix9iune, STOOPID.

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