Donk (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /daw-onk/

Also spelled or known as: Big Donk

Related: Donkey, Badonkadonk

What does Donk mean?

A big butt.

Donk Synonyms: Donkey, Big booty, Cake, Cheeks, Goods

Example sentence: “My new girl got a donk, i can’t even trip on ol’ girl.”

Donk in songs:

“100k in my trunk, Keep that bitch with that donk” – ScHoolboy Q, WHat THey Want.

Shawty got a donk, call her Vince Carter” – Lil Wayne, C’Yeah.

“Griselda Blanco, she got the donk though” – Fabolous, The Plug.

Donk in the trunk, flat in the front, maybe” – ScHoolboy Q, Gravy.

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