Bisexual (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /buy-sexual/

Also spelled or known as: Bi-sexual, Bi sexual

Related: Bi

What does Bisexual mean?

To be sexually attracted to both sexes; male & female.

Bisexual Synonyms: Bi

Example sentence: “‘You think you want a bisexual girl till you have one’ he said.”

Bisexual in songs:

“And last night I dreamed about two girls, bisexual” – Big Sean, Guap.

“Got a bisexual girl, that’s it” – Future, That’s It.

“I like her attitude, I like her flexible, She got a baby due, I think she bisexual” – Isiah Rashad, Cilvia Demo.

“Turn a freak to a bisexual” – Puff Daddy, The World Is Filled….

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