Makaveli (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /mak-ah-vell-e/

What does Makaveli mean?

2Pac’s nickname.

Other 2Pac Nicknames: Pac

2Pac’s real name: Tupac Amaru Shakur

Example sentence: “2Pac also goes by Makaveli.”

Makaveli in songs:

Death row, that’s for these niggas, I’ma hitem up Makaveli, it’s All Eyez on Me Pinkie rings, it’s still M.O.B.” – Rick Ross, Lemon Pepper Freestyle.

I’m like Big Popmixed with 2Pac, I’m like Makaveli” – Cardi B, Best Life.

Hit me on the celly, watching Belly God’s son, I can see they study Makaveli Peanut butter Benz, got ’em jelly at the deli” – Nicki Minaj, Four Door Aventador.

“Five in the chest, I’m Makaveli the Don in the vest” – The Game, Bigger Than Me.

“Since a young nigga, kept that pack up in the telly Since a young nigga, been had tats like Makaveli” – Wiz Khalifa, King of Everything.

“I got Bad Azz in this motherfucker Makaveli the Don, representin’ the Outlawz” – 2Pac, Krazy.

“If I die today, like Makaveli, bring me back, yeah If I got a problem, call my slime and he say, “Slatt,” yeah” – Machine Gun Kelly, Ecstasy.

Tatted on my stomach, rich forever, Makaveli” – Rick Ross, So Sophisticated.

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