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Tats (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /tahts/

Also spelled or known as: Tatts

Singular: Tat

Related: Face Tat, Face Tatt, Face Tats, Face Tatts, Tatted, Tatted up

What does Tats mean?


Tats Synonyms: Tats, Ink

Example sentence: “I need some new tats.”

Tats in songs:

“Never heard about you, all my hoes, they so rude Tats all on me, nigga, trill-ass individual” – Swae Lee, No Flex Zone.

“Matching tats, this Ink don’t come off Even if rings come off, if things ring off” – Jay-Z, Part II (On the Run).

“I don’t want relations, I just want one night (One night) ‘Cause a thirsty bitch, that’s the shit that I don’t like (Nah) I got tats up on my arm ‘cause this shit is life” – Chief Keef, Don’t Like.1.

“Back to the Mac, tats on her back Ass so fat, hit that from the back” – A$AP Rocky, Wild for the Night.

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