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M.O.B (acronym)

Type: slang, expression, acronym, phrase

Pronunciation: /m-o-b/

Also spelled: MOB

What does M.O.B mean and stand for?

Money Over Bitches.

Similar: C.R.E.A.M.

Coined by: 2Pac

Example sentence: “I would go see my girl this weekend, but i got a play to catch MOB.”

M.O.B in songs:

“I know these ho’s like a pimp scholar, And it’s M.O.B till the day I drop” – Montana of 300, Chiraq (Remix).

“Now, rule one: get your cash on, M.O.B., That’s Money Over Bitches, ’cause they breed envy” – 2Pac, Blasphemy.

Lil Wayne MOB

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