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You dig

You dig (slang)

Type: interjection, slang

Pronunciation: /you-dig/

Also spelled or known as: Ya dig, You-dig, Youdig, You dig it, You dig me

Related: Dig, Dig it

What does You dig mean?

1. Do you understand?

2. Do you like?

You dig Synonyms: Ya dig, Dig it, You smell me

Example sentence: “I just put on some Joe Trufant, You dig.”

You dig in songs:

“And I got my B’s with me like some honey in this bitch, you dig” – Lil Wayne, Right Above It.

“Give her hotel keys like Cassidy, you dig?” – Young Thug, Mamacita.

Yeah, new Patek Phillipe, Cost a hundred bands, man Clear, with nothing’ on it, Then I went and seen Elliott and iced that motherfucker out, you dig?” – Young Thug, Webbie.

“Funny how shit come together sometimes, you dig?” – Big Boi, SpottieOttieDopaliscious.

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You dig
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You dig