Face tat

Face tat (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Also spelled or known as: Face tatt

Pronunciation: /face-taht/

Plural: Face tats

What does Face tat mean?

A tattoo on a face.

Face tat Synonyms: Face tatt, Tatt, Tat

Example sentence: “Drake just got a new face tat.”

Face tat in songs:

“Uh, fuck your intermission, bitch, it’s A$AP Nigga word to Game’s butterfly face tat, where he got L.A. at Send a couple bloody guys to slide where you lay at” – A$AP Rocky, Money Cash Clothes.

“I keep a blower for the lawn, I fucked the evens and beat the odds Baby, you see this face tat” – Blueface, Fucced Em.

“Carry cash in my hand, nigga, fuck a bank account And I’m a rich nigga, I don’t want no discount Real nigga, I don’t need no fuckinface tat Backwood, I face that, nigga, fuck your habitat” – Duwap Kaine, Disagree.

“I was gonna make fun of your stupid fucking face tat But then I realized I got stupid fucking face tats” – Madchild, Madchild vs Daylyt.

“Big dick, she hate that Too black for a face tat Fuck the jaw and the neck crack Baby ZiLLA, top map” – Reddz, ​captain save a hoe.

Lilmama thuggin’, got my name as her face tat Shit, you gotta face facts” – Tory Lanez, Adidas.

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Face tat
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Face tat