Nig (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kn-ig/

Related: Nigga

Also known as: My nig

Plural: Nigs

What does Nig mean?

Nigga. Nig is slang and short for Nigga.

Nig Synonyms: Nigga, Gang

Example sentence: “What’s good my nig.”

Nig in songs:

“A hater get smashed out, my nig‘ I swear I’m on my level” – Wiz Khalifa, On My Level.

“But how you called the cops on me, my nig? You grew up with me” – Gucci Mane, Both.

“My Nig… you so spiteful, that ain’t the way we act” – Fabolous, Want You Back.

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