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Jefe (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hef-ay/

What does Jefe mean?

Spanish for “Boss”.

Jefe Synonyms: Don, Capo, Huncho, Boss, CEO, Tycoon, Mogul

Example sentence: “Are you the new intern? If so my Jefe is ready to see you now.”

Jefe in songs:

I’m Jefe, I’m the highest on the list” – 2 Chainz,

Jefe Latin my Grammy, I went the Spanish route” – Pusha T, Infrared.

“Now, who with me? ¡Vámonos! Call me Hov or Jefe” – Jay-Z, Clique.

“They introduced him to the Jefe‚ now he think he lit” – PG RA, Lil Stepper.

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