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Hov (slang)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /ho-ov/

What does Hov mean?

Jay Z’s Nickname.

Other Jay Z Nicknames: Jigga, Hova

Example sentence: “Jay Z also goes by Hov.”

Hov Origin: Since 2001, Jay-Z has been using his nicknames Hov and Hova, which are both shortened forms of Jay-Hova, it’s a version/play of the word Jehovah, the Hebrew word for God. Jay-Z has called himself the “god” of rap; Read more.

Hov in songs:

“Now, who with me? ¡Vámonos! Call me Hov or Jefe” – Jay-Z, Clique.

“Damn, Yeezy and Hov, where the hell you been? Niggas talking real reckless; stuntmen” – Kanye West, Otis.

“Now a nigga signed to Hov, took a power trip” – J. Cole, Power Trip.

“International Hov, that’s my handle” – Jay-Z, Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2.

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