Tycoon (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ty-coon/

Plural: Tycoons

What does Tycoon mean?

A powerful and rich business person.

Tycoon Synonyms: Mogul, Magnate, Boss, Huncho, Capo

Example sentence: “I have a date with a tech tycoon, time to get this bag.”

Tycoon in songs:

“We tigers in the streets, bitch, tycoon” – Young Thug, Issa.

“No one can be like Tune, know why? ‘Cause he tycoon” – Lil Wayne, Be Like Me.

Nigga, I’m a rap tycoon, make a 100 mill by June” – 50 Cent, Major Distribution.

Fuck withem from a distance, I’m a tycoon” – E-40, 2 Dollar Bill.

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