Huncho (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hun-cho/

What does Huncho mean?

1. A Hundred dollars.

Huncho Synonyms: Benji, Blue Cheese, Blue Face, C-note

2. Head boss.

Huncho Synonyms: Boss, CEO, Tycoon, Mogul

Example sentence: “I just made a huncho today.”

Huncho in songs:

“We pick up the hundos, Then drop them off to Huncho” – Quavo, Narcos.

I’m a huncho, I’m the boss My set takin’ off” – Drake, No Complaints.

“This the realest shit that Huncho never wrote ” – Quavo, Ghost Busters.

“Ever since I was a lilboy, yeah, I’m havin’ Huncho status” – Quavo, Big on Big.

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