Stepper (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /step-er/

Related: Step, Steppin, Stepped

What does Stepper mean?

Someone who carries guns and is about that life.

Stepper Synonyms: Rider

Example sentence: “I just made a huncho today.”

Stepper in songs:

“Guisepppe stepper, Christian Lubuiton’s, and Maison Margiela” – Takeoff, YRH.

“It’s the big stepper, 4L repper” – 21 Savage, Slidin.

“You ain’t got no bodies, you ain’t ’bout it, boy you are not a stepper” – Youngboy never broke again, Overdose.

“Big stepper like Big Meech” – Roddy Ricch, Big Stepper.

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