PG (acronym)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /p-g/

Also spelled: P.G., P-G

Related: PG-13

What does PG mean and stand for?

Parental Guidance Suggested.

Example sentence: “Keep it PG for my kids at the event.”

PG in songs:

“Dolce Gabbana, DG, pretty gang rated PG” – Nicki Minaj, LLC.

“This ain’t rated PG, this rated PJ” – Nas, Champion.

“Now, getting back to the PG That’s program, and it’s easy”; – Dr. Dre, Express Yourself.

“I didn’t mean to be obscene or make a great, big scene And don’t treat me like I’m Pee-wee Herman, this movie’s PG” – Eminem, Ass Like That.

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