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Jackin’ off

Jackin’ off (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /jack-in-off/

Also spelled or known as: Jacking-off, Jackingoff, Jacking off

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What does Jackin’ off mean?

To be stimulating one’s genitals until ejaculation.

Jackin’ off Synonyms: Jerking off, Jerking, Beating off, Masturbating

Example sentence:I’m so tired of jackin’ off.”

Jackin’ off in songs:

“I need my damn inhaler cause I’m barely fuckin’ breathing Jackin’ off semen everywhere up on the chair” – Tyler the Creator, Shitty Freestyle (Last Dayz).

“She kept beepin’ so I made the call Bitch on the phone jackin’ off Sounded like she was havin’ fun Playin’ with her pearl tongue” – Too $hort, Punk Bitch

“In her pussy, I’m jackin’ off smellin plastic Slangin powder in the pen, shit drastic” – Pimp C, Still Ridin’ Dirty.

Wack job in the back in a black stocking cap Jackin’ off to a hockey mask at a boxing match” – Eminem, Underground.

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Jackin' off
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Jackin' off