Jacking (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /jack-in/

Also spelled: Jackin

Related: Jack, Jacked

What does Jacking mean?

To be stealing or copying.

Jacking Synonyms: Looting, Finessing, Robbing, Flocking, Jugging

Example sentence:Boy you’re lame stop Jacking me.”

Jacking in songs:

Fuck boys probably still jacking phones” – Konan, Don’t Waste My Time.

Fuck swagging, you been jacking, fuck fly, I am fashion” – A$AP Rocky, Brand New Guy.

“Fake ass jewelry, how I know? I’m at the pawn shop Nigga better off jacking Flav for his alarm clock” – The Game, Bigger Than Me.

Yeah nigga talking about grown shit Niggas too busy jacking my swag” – Wiz Khalifa, Work Hard, Play Hard.

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