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Jerking off

Jerking off (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /jerk-in-off/

Also spelled or known as: Jerking-off, Jerkingoff, Jerkin’ off

Related: Jerk off, Jerking, Jerkin’

What does Jerking off mean?

To be stimulating one’s genitals until ejaculation.

Jerking off Synonyms: Jerking, Jacking off, Jacking, Beating off, Masturbating

Example sentence: “She walked in on her roommate jerking off.”

Jerking off in songs:

“I get the spins high and drunk, I throw up in the shower Now I’m jerking off inside a condom” – Lil Dicky, Classic Male Pregame.

So I was at home jerking off until my dick was hurting But I was determined to be great, so those classes can wait” – Tyler, The Creator, Goblin.

Broke as fuck and no bitch will fuck, in my basement, jerking off lonely” – Danny Brown, Dope Fiend Rental.

Jerking off, I came during the position change Like, in the porn, like when they was changing positions, I came” – Lil Dicky, Too High.

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Jerking off
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Jerking off