Jawn (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /jaw-n/ What does Jawn mean? A nickname for any person, place, or thing. Example sentence: “Look at that jawn over there.” Jawn in songs: “Canada jawn, yeah I think that bitch from the 6″- MadeinTYO, Uber everywhere. “Seen this bad little jawn, she was perfect”- Future, Diamonds dancing. more […]


Jawsin (phrase) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /jaws-in/ Also spelled or known as: Jawsing, Jawsin’ What does Jawsin mean? To be bluffing. Example sentence: “He just jawsin, he not about that life.” Jawsin in songs: “Where you from? You say you’re lying out here, we say that you jawsin’” – E-40, IamSU!. “My steez killin’ you […]