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Dutchie (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dawtch-e/

Also spelled or known as: Dutchy

Related: Dutch, Dutch Master, Dutch Masters

What does Dutchie mean?

A Dutch Master brand cigar emptied of tobacco and re-rolled with weed.

Dutchie Synonyms: Dutch, Blunt, Swisher, Swisher sweet

Example sentence: “My boy put that gas in a dutchie.”

Dutchie in songs:

Hit the store for a dutchie I say homie keep rappin I say homie its nothin” – Kid Cudi, 09′ Freestyle.

“Check it, me and nasty puffin’, it’s a classic trust me I even pass the dutchie to them niggas that don’t love me” – The Game, Why You Hate the Game.

I’m still low, heard the ill news, these niggas killed Mo The shit touched me, tryna chill, just lit a Dutchie” – AZ, Phone Tap.

“Pass me the dutchie with your left hand I got the whole club nodding like a yes man” – Short Dawg, Pass the Dutch.

“Money comes and goes like that two bit hussy That night that tried to rush me, Dwight, pass the dutchie” – MF DOOM, Potholderz.

So we roll the dutchie and we blaze up the kutchie Try to load the weed and babylon dem can’t touch it” – Sojah, So High.

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