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Hoopers (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /hoop-errs/

Also spelled: Hoopas

Singular: Hooper

Related: Hoop, Hoopin’, Hooped

What does Hoopers mean?

People who play basketball.

Hoopers Synonyms: Ballers

Example sentence: “i be ballin’ with the hoopers.”

Hoopers in songs:

Bitch I get crank mode, I need them Franklins like pronto You know I fuck wit’ Drake but ain’t no hoopers in Toronto” – 9lokkNine, Front Door.

“Mariah tunes and five flutes or 5’2” hoopers in light shoes” – Wale, No Days Off.

Rappers and hoopers, we strive to be like G’s with three stripes, seeds that need light” – Common, The Corn.

“Them niggas ain’t ballin’, bae, we hoopers Huh? Bae, we D1″ – BossMan Dlow, Finesse (Remix)

“TMZ takin’ shots, say cheese for the news clips Dope boys and them boosters Gangbangers and hoopers” – Nipsey Hussle, A Miracle.

“We ain’t in the same crowd, always see you with the hoopers But we got the same lunch, you might see me with the cooler” – Lupe Fiasco, And He Gets the Girl.

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