Three stripes

Three stripes (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /3-stripes/

Also spelled or known as: Three-stripes, Threestripes, 3 stripes, 3-stripes

What does Three stripes mean?

Adidas shoes.

Three stripes Synonyms: 3 Stripes

Example sentence: “Tell mom to get the shoes with the three stripes.”

Three stripes in songs:

Three stripes on my whole team, I stay branded” – Stormzy, Standard.

“Nike boys, we don’t do three stripes” – Travis Scott, Ghostface Killers.

“If I see you pull up with the three stripes Ayy, ayy, I’ma fuck around and make you my bitch” – Kanye West, All Mine.

“Me, I mold into a beast up on the mic, device Adidas on my feet nigga, three stripes” – Jarren Benton, Step Yo Game Up.

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Three stripes
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Three stripes

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