Clips (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /klips/

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What does Clips mean?

1. A container that holds or “clips” ammunition in a firearm.

2. Video recordings.

Clips synonyms: Tapes

3. Leftover joints or blunts.

Clips synonyms: Roaches

Example sentence: “We have a lot of clips from the video shoot.”

Clips in songs:

“Hopped out broad day, then emptied clips” – Vince Staples, Norf Norf.

I’m countin’ my bullets, I’m loadin’ my clips” – J. Cole, Middle Child.

‘Cause if a nigga violate we got a hunnit clips” – Young M.A, OOOUUU.

“Go in the studio with fuckinclips, clips, ammo” – Lil Wayne, Star67.

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