Pronto (slang)

Type: adverb, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /pron-toe/

What does Pronto mean?

Promptly or quickly.

Pronto Synonyms: ASAP, RN

Example sentence: “Okay babe, I’m on my way back to L.A. pronto.”

Pronto in songs:

“Killin’ ’em pronto, my funky fresh is filthy, designer” – A$AP Nast, Trillmatic.

“I need my money pronto, Get it in the morning like Alonzo” – Tyga, Rack City.

“Watch how you pour an eighth, yeah, ocho, I need some more, it’s late, yeah, pronto” – Travis Scott, Go.

“I let him know, I need it for the low and need it pronto” – Snootie Wild, Yayo.

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