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Fave (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /fayv/

Also spelled or known as: Fav

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What does Fave mean?


Fave Synonyms: Fav

Example sentence: “Girl you’ve been my fave person since i met you.”

Fave in songs:

Bitches love sayin’ how they fave did it better Hatinhoes link up, they be mad together” – Saweetie, Risky.

“Competitive, I knock these bitches lights out like a sedative Your fave got hella hits But come in sixth for writers credited” – CHIKA, SONGS ABOUT YOU.

Hood fave with the clutch like game six” – Jay Critch, Made It.

“Burbon, divas just smoking ‘tiva, those my hobbies I love shittin’ on these niggas, that is my fave” – Kid Cudi, Cold Blooded.

“Playful tough talk, often the fave ‘Til I came like ‘Pac art and said true things” – Kid Cudi, Mojo So Dope.

“His past is her fave, his stats is amaze Her dress is just perf, uh, Prada colored beige” – Kanye West, Blazin’.

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